CleanTech® M 4T

M4T Limited Access Drill

Designed to maximize drilling efficiency, the M 4T excels at shallow to medium-depth boreholes, and produces excellent soil samples in most ground conditions. At only 1.5 m wide, the M 4T is suited to tight locations, and is remote-controlled for safety.

Equipped with industry industry-exclusive safety features, the M 4T will help you get your limited access jobs finished safely, on time and on budget.

Sample Specifications

  M 4T
Width 60 in
Length 144 in
Height 87 in
Ground Pressure 5.54 psi
tare 8,870 lbs.
GVW 10,000 lbs

Sample specifications. Specification may vary according to client needs.


  • Intermediate to shallow boreholes, especially on difficult terrain.


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